The Kai MacTane FAQ

You have two names on your résumé. Can you explain that, please?

My legal name, since birth, has been Jason Weissman. I’ve never liked it, and started using Kagan D. “Kai” MacTane both personally and professionally many years ago. I haven’t had the chance to do a legal name-change yet (though it is definitely in my near-term plans), and so Jason Weissman is the name that still has to go on my W-2s, form 1099s, and so on.

However, most of my former co-workers and employers will recognize me by the name Kai, and if you were to talk to them about “Jason Weissman”, they'd be completely unfamiliar with that name.

What’s going on with the design of your site’s front page? I feel like there’s a reference I’m missing.

It’s an homage to the look and feel of an O’Reilly manual. The O’Reilly books are well known and well loved among geeks for their high quality and depth of subject matter, and they’re easily recognizable, too. Scout around your engineers’ offices or cubicles, and you’ll probably spot a few. If not, you can see a few of O’Reilly’s book covers on their web site.

What’s the best way to contact you?

I’m most accessible by email, at Calling (415) 252-9891 also works, although I may not always be home.

Are you available for contracting or contract-to-perm situations? What geographic range are you available in?

I would definitely prefer permanent employment. I am willing to consider contract-to-perm, if the rest of the situation is a good fit, but I have little interest in contract work at this time — even long-term contracts. I have no car and commute by public transit. I can go anywhere BART and CalTrain do, but I'd prefer not to spend long hours commuting every day. It would take strong enticement to get me to commute further south than Mountain View, or past the North Berkeley, Rock Ridge, or Bay Fair stations.